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New Hampshire rejects energy efficiency program, advocates vow to fight

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Last year, the state’s utilities reached a rare – and unanimous – agreement with clean energy, environmental, and consumer advocates on the future of the state’s energy efficiency plan. The plan laid out goals to reduce electricity usage by 4.5% and natural gas by 2.8% by 2023. Consumer savings from efficiency improvements, such as new appliances and lightbulbs, would total $1.1 billion over the lifetime of these measures – ranging from about seven to 10 years. The program would cost $336.5 million over three years starting in 2021, primarily funded by a portion of the electric bill called the system benefits charge.

In a decision late Friday, the PUC denied a three-year plan that would have increased funding for rebates and incentives to homeowners and businesses that adopt energy efficiency measures. Under the order, rates that fund the efficiency program would instead be lowered to their 2017 levels by 2023.

New Hampshire utilities and clean energy groups are vowing to appeal a state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision to reject a $350 million energy efficiency spending plan for electric utilities. The PUC order can be seen at the PUC website. As leaders in the field, Next-Gen is uniquely positioned to help clients understand the implications of the PUC's decision.

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