Fluent in Influence. We understand the importance of influence. Whether’s it’s advocating for, or defending against, we know what it takes to wage successful public policy campaigns - locally, statewide and nationally. From crafting the strategy, to executing the approach, we help our clients shift the views of opinion leaders, elected officials, media, and the general public. No one shapes and manages opinions - and outcomes - like we do. 

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Demonstrating the will of the community is pivotal for a project’s success. We pound the pavement and put our grassroots organizing expertise to work. We identify key messaging points for targets and use effective methods of direct-on-the ground outreach to secure visible community support for our clients. 

Integrated Campaign

By utilizing diverse mediums - from online advocacy to media relations to direct organizing - we provide you with tactics and materials that convey your message to your target audience in the most effective way. Our range of services includes designing and placing online advertising, direct mail, social media management and content production. 

Coalition Building 

Amplifying your power by partnering with like-minded organizations and stakeholders is an important strategy for achieving desired results. We help identify and recruit strong partners, and then manage relationships and assignments from start to finish.

Legislative and Regulatory

Whether it’s assessing and tracking the real story behind an issue, mapping an engagement strategy that hits the right decision-makers, or preparing citizens for engagement with government officials, we put our clients in a position to shape the outcome.