We provide our clients with timely, strategic, insightful political counsel that is specific to their unique land use challenges. Our team has highly relevant and recent experience in - and winning - legislative, regulatory, and political land use battles before federal, state, regional, and local decision-makers.  


Whether it’s assessing and tracking the real story behind a land use issue, mapping an engagement strategy that hones key message points, builds positive relationships with communities and hits the right decision makers, we put our clients in a position to shape the outcome. We merge our knowledge in all levels of government, politics, real estate, land use, and zoning to offer you thorough and insightful counsel. 

Unparalleled Levels of Service and Quality
Unparalleled Levels of Service and Quality

NEXTGEN ’s land use team offers comprehensive services for landowners, developers and financial institutions in all facets of land use entitlements. Our multidisciplinary approach draws upon the extensive experience in taking large, complex projects through a multi-jurisdictional permitting review process. These projects often involve municipal, state and federal approvals. 

Throughout the campaign, NEXTGEN takes a lead in interfacing between the client and its consultants positioning them to win. Our team’s experience representing a wide range of clients ensures we well-equipped to represent your land use matters. All sectors of the economy are encompassed our land use consulting practice including: retail developments, mixed-use project, industrial, mining, energy, hospitals, and schools. 

Skilled Team

As governmental regulations increases in the area of planning, zoning and land development, so does the need for public and private entities to employ sound political counsel in achieving their land use objectives. Our clients rely on Next-Gen’s commitment to extending creative solutions within a changing political and regulatory environment.

Depth + Range of Experience

NEXTGEN’s land use team represents a broad range of property owners - developers of large - and small-scale commercial, industrial, residential, non-profit, and institutional projects. We provide counsel on a full array of land use and zoning matters, from acquisition and project development to entitlement, drafting zoning relief ordinances, and negotiating agreements for, and structuring the financing of, improvements needed for development projects and public/private partnerships. 

Keys to Success

One of the keys to any successful development is to make sure that all aspects of the project - engineering, zoning, public affairs - are fully integrated allowing each element to compliment each other.